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project start: 15.01.2020

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the international financial market has begun to undergo significant changes Due to the impact of rising digital money prices. Skeptics who predicted the rapid disappearance of cryptocurrency from everyday use have to admit that they are wrong, because today almost everyone who has a powerful computer at their disposal can extract digital money. In addition, they are not subject to political regulation. Leading cryptocurrencies are in increasing (but already high) demand. Their price in relation to “real” money is constantly increasing, and there is a reasoned belief that this is not the limit — in the future, cryptocurrencies will certainly take a leading place in the field of Internet transactions.

“Bamis LTD”, No. 10. By ensuring high liquidity of financial transactions, we were able to build a unique strategy for diversifying risks when trading with multiple cryptocurrencies.

We provide a stable income stream thanks to a well-thought-out distribution of finances in several areas, which made it possible to form a reserve Fund, which is assigned the role of a source of payments to investors in the event of force majeure or bankruptcy (which, by the way, does not seem real)
Beimis LTD., which is engaged in daily study of the current situation on the cryptocurrency market, on the basis of which it forms its own forecasts of price movements. In turn, our traders conduct operations on the world’s leading exchanges, based on the analytical conclusions of this Department. Expert opinions allow you to react quickly and correctly to the latest changes, which helps to extract the maximum profit from each transaction. It is not always advisable to count on the success of independent trading on digital money exchanges. There are several reasons for this: the lack of experience and the necessary theoretical basis, and their own winning strategy.

A company that employs several dozen specialized specialists has sufficient intellectual resources to achieve effective results.

We offer everyone who wants to indirectly participate in cryptocurrency trading as part of our investment program. Capital growth and expansion of business boundaries, increasing the volume and improving the result of financial transactions are the goals for which we need external investment. We guarantee timely payments to each investor and professional technical support from our consultants.]
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10% Deposit in 24 hours!!!

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Payment systems!

PM , bitcoin ,

pay EER , Doge coin , light coin

payment Rules!


Cryptocurrency up to 12 hours.

The Output Is Minimal!

AT 0.02$

Referral Program!

5% of the Deposit!

Language versions!

Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Chinese, Vientnam, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Turkish.

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Technical specifications

Unique script!

Namecheap Systems, Inc

Created on 2020-01-13

Expires on 2021 – 01-13

Updated 2020-01-15

Server name: ns1 server. DDOS-GUARD.NET

Server name: NS2.DDOS-GUARD.NET

Server name: NS3.DDOS-GUARD.NET

Server name: NS4.DDOS-GUARD.NET

Server name: NS5.DDOS-GUARD.NET

Server name: NS6.DDOS-GUARD.NET

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date: 01/21/2020 13: 31

From / To Account: U22632449

Quantity: -100.00

Currency: USD

Batch : 299159744

Reminder: Payment For The Shopping Cart.

Payment ID: 1579615592

Hash : aee845a888f6c85b2de823d265c9e8f6​


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