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Awesome miner: features, benefits, customization

We present you an overview of one of the most popular and effective programs for monitoring your farms in 2020 – Awesome miner. This extremely interesting application stands out among such software, as it combines three in one: the control panel of the mining farms, market monitoring and news aggregator. For efficient operation, you don’t even need to study and analyze the situation in the cryptographic industry: a smart program will do everything for you

Awesome miner: specifications
Awesome has released a completely free version, it has an intuitive interface, even for those who are taking their first steps in mining. However, the target audience of this product is not newcomers, but experienced miners who have already mastered simpler programs and work simultaneously on several PCs. Ideal for large farms.
The developers of the software have provided a free version that allows you to work with 10 farms and provides technical support via e-mail for 6 months, management via SSN, SMS, cloud services or remotely through an interface

The most powerful Ultimate edition allows you to control the work of up to 300 farms, gives access to a large number of functions and constant technical support (price – $350). If necessary, you can order an individual version for simultaneous control of 5 thousand farms. At the same time, the application is not sprayed on a large number of windows: everything is in front of the user’s eyes, a lot of work in automatic mode

Built-in Awesome miner algorithm allows you to select the most profitable coins. For example, if your equipment is configured to mine VTS or ETH, the system will conduct research and determine whether there are currently coins that are more profitable to mine. If there are any, it will report it and wait for your confirmation to send a signal to start mining, for example, LTC or XMR

In addition, the program has a smart function that monitors the current technical condition of the equipment: CPU load level, temperature, etc

System requirements

  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later (already included in Windows 8 and Windows 10).
  • Availability of .NET Framework 4.7 from Microsoft
  • GPU mining software typically requires a 64-bit version of Windows and the following packages to be installed on all computers involved in GPU mining:
  • Availability of updates for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft
  • Availability of updates for Visual Studio 2015 from Microsoft

So, let’s list the pros of the Awesome miner

  1. The ability to produce different cryptov currencies. The number of hashing algorithms is growing, but Awesome can keep up with them: there is already support for 20+).
  2. Ability to work on processors and graphics cards
  3. Automatic market analysis, digital currency exchange rate monitoring
  4. Fast transfer of forces from unprofitable coins to more efficient coins
  5. Instant error notifications
  6. Ability to keep income statistics
  7. Ability to write scripts
  8. Easy switching between pools
  9. Convenient withdrawal of earned funds
  10. User-friendly interface
  11. Integration of external applications to enhance capabilities
  12. Enhanced security measures

Separately, we will highlight the shortcomings of the software

  • A focus on professionals, not a broad audience
  • Working only with Wimdows

Awesome miner: configuration
The official version of the program can be downloaded from the links below. There are 2 installers to choose from:

  • full – marked with a yellow icon
  • client, with blue icon – for remote control

Last release – Version: 7.2.10, Released: January 21, 2020

Awesome Miner Installer

  • This is a Windows application to manage and monitor the production of Bitcoin and many other crypto currencies

Awesome Miner Remote Agent Installer

  • This application is only available when using the Managed Miner function on remote computers

Quick start
At the first start of the software, the system prompts you to specify the type of mining farm or scan the network to connect to other farms or management computers

The next steps are to choose the algorithm of the cryptographic software you will be mining, as well as the software, mining pool and the way to install it. After that you need to prescribe the settings of the pool

To start the mining press the “Start” button. To stop the work, use the “Stop” button, for rebooting use the “Reset” button. There is no need to go to the farm every time

GPU adapter parameters (memory, core frequency, fan speed, hash rate, received and rejected balls) are displayed at the bottom of the screen

Well, after all these steps, the program will be ready for use


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