Airdrop - Kèo mới nhận 1,000 AMU(~$10) anh em chiến nhanh nhé ! | Kiếm Tiền Trên Mạng - Make Money Online

Please complete this simple tasks to get 1,000 AMU(~$10) tokens.

🔵 Join Telegram Group (
(Mandatory: 100 AMU)

🔵 Join Telegram Channel (
(Mandatory: 100 AMU)

🔵 Join Advertiser ( Channel.
(Mandatory: 100 AMU)

🔵 Follow us on Twitter (
& Retweet pinned post.
(Mandatory: 200 AMU)

🔵 Register on Coinut Website (
(Mandatory: 500 AMU)
(Details Here) (

🔵 Submit your ERC-20 wallet address.
🌀 Complete this tasks & Click “Submit my details”
Then submit your details.
⚠ Note: Registration using official Ref. Link.
(Other link not acceptable) We need only 20,000 members then we can listed our AMU token on Coinut.
⚠ Note: We’ll check your all information manually.
If you don’t complete tasks, you’ll never get any AMU tokens. So complete tasks first then click “Submit my details”
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