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Coinsto Token(CSO) is a Cryptocurrency project helping people to learn by others experience. Coinsto is focus on giving value to the people by the people, the platform will only act as a slate to help individuals and organizations learn from anyone whom volunteer to share his or her experience in any field they operate in.
Chat With Coinsto Airdrop Telegram Bot

– Chat with Coinsto Airdrop Bot:

– Click on 'Start': Pass Captcha

– Next, click on 'Tasks': do tasks

– Click on 'Telegram': Join Coinsto Telegram group

– Click on 'Twitter': Follow Coinsto on Twitter
– Click on 'Medium': Follow Coinsto Medium

– Click on 'Youtube': Subscribe Coinsto on Youtube channel

– Next, click on 'Main menu' >>> 'Wallet': send Your ERC20 (ETH) wallet address to Bot

– Click on 'Balance' to check Your CSO Token balance

– You will receive 88,888 CSO Tokens free after Airdrop ended.



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