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Zealot/Enemy (z-enemy) NVIDIA GPU miner.
x16rv2, x16r, x16s, Bitcore, Phi1612, Xevan ,Tribus , x17, c11, AeriumX, XDNA(hex), phi, phi2, skunk etc ..


Z-ENEMY 2.4 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy) NEW


– Fixed high CPU load with latest nVidia drivers, you can expect higher hashrate on the mining rigs with lower end CPUs
– Fixed nvml.dll load error with latest nVidia driver


Cuda 10.1; Cuda 9.1; Cuda 10.0; Cuda 9.2;!cbAmRQCI!ZzRpmlx7tF4KGIRcT7AWiw

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Z-ENEMY 2.3 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

– Performance improvement: +2-3% x16rv2 algo

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Z-ENEMY 2.2 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Added x16rv2 algo (Upcoming Ravencoin hardfork 1st Oct.)
– Added support for secure stratum+ssl connections. New –no-cert-verify key.
(Disable certificate errors check for ssl connections)
– Fixed GPU data error in json api (/hwinfo)
– Fixed phi2 bug on Cuda 10.1


IMPORTANT: Ravencoin is switching to the new x16rv2 algorithm on October 1st. There will be a new version of our miner z-enemy-2.2 with x16rv2 released in advance before the hard fork date .


Z-ENEMY 2.1 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


This version includes a new way to manage and monitor the miner.

– Performance improvements: +4-5% most algos (x16r, x16s, x17, hex, bitcore, bcd…)
– Stability improvements

_______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________

Z-ENEMY 2.00 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)

This version includes a new way to manage and monitor the miner.


New features:
– Added new HTTP JSON API (see json_api_help.txt for the details), available at port 4067 by default
– Added web control panel with real-time monitoring and charts.
The UI is responsive and should be looking well on most mobile phones and tablets.

Other changes:
– The miner informs about API servers (both Telnet and HTTP) being started
– You can now disable both servers with –api-bind=0 and –api-bind-http=0 respectively
– Minor bugfixes and stability improvements

– For HTTP server –api-allow command line option isn’t having any effect (for now?)

_______________________________________________________________________________ _________
Z-ENEMY 1.28 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Performance improvements of 1.28 compared to previous version (1.27):
– Bitcoin Diamond +7-8%, Hex 4-5% and +3-5% for x16r/s, x17, bitcore, c11, sonoa, etc…

Other changes:
– Added –no-nvml switch to disable NVML monitoring (useful to reduce load on low end CPUs)
– After several tests we recommend using intensity 22 on 1080ti cards on x16r algo (and perhaps others)

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____

Z-ENEMY 1.27 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Performance improvements:
Up to +3-4% for x16r/s and hex, +6-8% Bitcoin Diamond, 1-3% on others (x17, bitcore, c11, sonoa, etc…) on GTX 10×0 cards

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____

Z-ENEMY 1.26 ver.1 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Performance improvements:
– Up to +5-7% x16r/s, +7% bitcore, few percent on others (x17, c11, aergo …) on GTX 10×0 cards.
– Hex algo +10% for GTX 10×0 cards and +2% for RTX 20×0 cards.

Other changes:
– Removed renesis algo
– Improved stability

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____

Z-ENEMY 1.25 ver.1 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Performance improvements in x16, x17, c11, bitcore, BCD, aergo, sonoa and hex:
+10% or more for RTX 2080/2080ti/2070 cards
+3-7% for GTX 1080Ti/1080/1070ti and lower cards

– Reduced CPU usage.

_______________________________________________________________________________ __________

Z-ENEMY 1.24 ver.3 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


– Major optimizations for skunk, polytimos and phi
– Minor optimizations for hex and x16r/s, tribus.
– Massive performance boost for RTX 2080/2080ti/2070 in many algorithms.

– Highlighted hardware stats reporting, colored GPU temperatures (green/yellow/red)
– Added Volta architecture support
– Important update(1.24 ver.2): Fixed multi-gpu crash bug (skunk and polytimos)
– Important update(1.24 ver.3): Fixed reduced poolside hashrate ( XDNA : hex algo)

Z-ENEMY VER 1.23 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


– First wave of performance optimizations for RTX 2080 and 2080Ti series up to 10-20% in various algos


– Minor performance optimizations for older cards (10×0)
– Fixed tribus out of memory bug (now it’s possible to run it with higher intensities)
– Removed –tlimit and –plimit options
– Added –max-temp –resume-temp options

Z-ENEMY VER 1.22 From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


– Experimental CUDA 10 support: Higher speeds and stability, support for new RTX2080 & 2080 Ti cards
– Performance improvements: 2-5% for most algos (Hex, X16, X17, Bitcore, C11, etc..)

Cuda 10 version 32 & 64 performs faster in most algos … Update you Nvidia drivers – minimum (ver. 415+)
Important. This is the first basic build for Cuda 10, please leave feedback in our channel #z-enemy-122test

From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


– Performance and stability improvements, few bugs fixed.
– Added uptime reporting.

Same as with previous release, 32 bit version performs faster in some algos …

Z-ENEMY VER 1.20 (PUBLIC) From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


– Major performance improvements: 5-10% in various algos
– Bitcoin Diamond: Support for the new famous top algorithm at high speed, 20-30% higher than the current ones.

Same as with previous release, 32 bit version performs faster in some algos (x16/x17 etc) …



Z-ENEMY VER 1.19 (PUBLIC) From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Major performance improvements: 5-7% in various algos (x16 ,x17 , bitcore, c11 , hex , etc ..)
Stability improvements

32-bit version seems to be faster in some algos again, feel free to test it !

Z-ENEMY VER 1.18 (PUBLIC) From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Greetings! We’re releasing an updated version of our mining software with some bugfixes and other changes:

Major performance improvements: 10-15% for Xevan (+ fixed reduced hashrate issue from 1.17)
– Minor performance improvements for other algos
– Stability improvements for XDNA

Z-ENEMY VER 1.17 (PUBLIC) From: Dk & Enemy (z-enemy)


Greetings, fellow miners! We’re releasing an updated version of our mining software with some speed inside:

– Major performance improvements: 5-10% for X16R & X16S, XDNA (hex), x17, Bitcore(BTX), c11, Sonoa, Renesis, Aergo
– Lower end cards like 1050/1060 will see additional few % (yes, a bonus)
– The miner no longer depends on memory, it allows to run memory clock at +0 or -500 MHz without performance loss.

Happy mining!




zealot/enemy-1.16 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy

– Performance improvements:+7-10% hex(XDNA),+5%-7% x16r&s, few % for other algos (x17, c11, sonoa, renesis, aergo)
– Experimental feature: intensity limit increased (most algos now allow intensity up to 25, test at your own risk)



For Windows:
zealot/enemy-1.14 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy

Major performance improvements:
(+10% x16), (+15-25% Tribus), (+10% x17, C11, PHI1612, Aergo, Sonoa), (+5%Xevan, Phi, Poly)
Command line options: –api-remote is now working as intended (“quit” and “switchpool” didn’t work before)
Stratum protocol: client.reconnect is now working as intended (for miningrigrentals users)



For Windows Cuda 9.2 :
zealot/enemy-1.12a (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy

– Improved phi2 performance: +4-5% (up to 5 Mh/s for 1070ti, up to 7.5 Mh/s for 1080ti)

– Minor performance improvements for other algos


For maximum performance make sure you have latest drivers (ver. 398+)

zealot/enemy-1.12 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy

– Minor performance improvements: x17 , x16r, x16s, c11 , bitcore, aeriumx and other …
– New algos: SONOA ( -a sonoa) and PHI2 ( -a phi2)


For Windows (Cuda 9.1)
zealot/enemy-1.11 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy

Performance improvements: x17 (+4-8%), x16r&s (+1-3%) , very fast Phi1612 and other …
Fast start on multi gpu-rigs
GPUs limit increased to 24
AeriumX(AEX) – the miner supports Aerium new swap algo (-a aeriumx), starting 4th June.
Added: C11(-a c11) basic and fast x64(ver.4) , Skunk(-a skunk) basic , improved TimeTravel8(-a timetravel) and Polytimos (-a poly)


For Windows (Cuda 9.1)
zealot/enemy-1.10 (z-enemy) From: Dk & Enemy

Fixed compatibility issues that resulted in performance degradation with some non-yiimp pools. Now you’ll see the expected hashrate on them (suprnova).

Kernels speed improvements : (1.09a vs 1.10) +1-2% total (all algos) and (1.09b vs 1.10) +1-2% for x16r &x16s.

Support & impove new algo : Tribus (-a tribus) , recommended intensity for Tribus 20-21. +5% speed vs 1.09b ( Service release)

First time or troubleshooting x16:
– First time users – ver. 1.12 works on Cuda 9.1&9.2 and it is recommended to make sure you’ve updated your NVIDIA drivers. You can find drivers here: 398+++
– Next important thing is intensity. We recommend intensity -19 at first, however if your PC has 8GB or more, fast SSD, and big swap file on it you may use -20/21.
– X16r algo is very wild and eratic. *Very important* Make sure to have enough power reserve on PSU. Please be sure you have a minimum 20% headroom on your PSU or set your PL on 70-80% usage.
– Using +core and +mem is useful but, use no OC at first until you verify stability.

Performance and fine tuning x16:
– This release z-enemy 1.12 is reported to be more stable when it using higher PL (90-110%) and +core and +memory overclocking, feel free to experiment with it.
– Updating drivers can provide more gains
– Recommended intensity is 20, set 21 only if you know what you are doing. ( 16GB RAM or/and good SWAP file on SSD) Use caution
– Recommended memory 0 or +
– Recommended core +50+150 ( 1800-1900MHz 1080 Ti)
– Overclock slowly and allow plenty of time to verify stability (12-24hrs) before making anymore adjustments. x16r is a very chaotic algorithm so just because it works for 1 hr doesn’t mean you can’t crash over longer time. Sometimes hash order can lead to 2000+mhz and crash system. Keep in mind – overclocking is always at your own risk!
– Yiimp pools recommend manual diff (-p d=16) – for small farms or (-p d=48 ) – for good farms like 5-6 1080 Ti If you need to name your rigs as well as set diff you may try -p rigname,d=16

Diff x16 can be calculated by mutliplying the following:
Number of 1060’s multiplied by 3-4
Number of 70ti’s or 80’s multiply by 4-8
Number of 80ti’s multiply by 6-12

example: If you have 3 1060’s then diff would be 9-12
if you have 8 70ti’s then your diff would be 48-96

Dev fee:
– low dev fee 1%
– Dev fee will start randomly when miner is first started. After 1% of time mined then automatically switches back to user pool.

Information about x16:

Every block contain 16 random algos.

All algos have Fast, Medium and Slow speeds so depending on the order and what speeds they are will determine your hashrate at any given time.

Fast: Blake (Blk),Bmw512(Bmw), Keccak (Kck), Skein(Ske), Shabal(Shb), Sha512(Sha)
Medium: Jh512 (Jh5), Luffa (Luf), Cube(Cub), Shavite (Shv), Fugue (Fug), Whirlpool (Wrl)
Slow: Groestl (Gro), Simd (Smd), Echo (Ech), Hamsi (Ham)

Block 181085, difficulty 20228.532
Hashorder: EchFugBmwShaJh5FugShvEchSmdBmwHamWrlJh5KckSkeHam

Means first algo is Slow Echo (Ech)> next Medium Fugue (Fug) > …> last Hamsi (Ham). The more fast algos in a block is what drives miner speed to the moon! (more MH)


Yiimp pools:

z-enemy -a phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u LQCifDiNVXjM_your_wallet_CUqZJBa75p11 -p x

z-enemy -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RWgpF9GefjD_your_wallet_1gQmQjpYtYt.GTX950 -p d=3 -i 19

z-enemy -a bitcore -o stratum+tcp:// -u 1D2dKSprpK_your_wallet_1wa8b2LnJ826uf -p x -i 20

Suprnova pool:

z-enemy -a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u your_Login.your_worker_name -p x -i 20


I cannot start miner, it says I’m missing msvcr120.dll?
Download and reinstall drivers from

My miner crashed – cuda error in funk `cuda_check_cpu_setTarget` why ?
This error is caused by overclocking, lower your GPU and VRAM clocks.

Latest drivers recommended?
Yes however, sometimes a new driver can cause an issue and using a previous version may work better. You will need to verify. We recommend at least NVIDIA drivers of 390+++ or 398.xx

What is restart-fix.reg in windows download folder?
This file will fix pop-up window and lets the miner restart after crash. Run once.

How many GPU’s can I run?
We have confirmed reports on 19 cards

Is there an easy way to auto restart miner if it crashes?
Yes, check our samples *.cmd file in windows build. Like:
z-enemy -a phi -o stratum+tcp:// -u LQCifDiNV_YOUR_WALLET_F3CUqZJBa75123 -p x
goto start

Does z-enemy 1.12 not support api?
Yes, try –api-remote and/or –api-allow= ( simple 0/0 )

z-enemy no supports ccminer.conf default value loading from .conf file ?
z-enemy support config.json


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