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Evofina is a limited liability company, specializing in offering investment and trading services to investors from around the globe. We are a UK based licensed entity registered under the #12584872 and are focused on reaping the returns from the rich global oil industry. Evofina works proactively to create a pool of funds leveraged by the investors (individuals like you) who trust their money with us. We take up the responsibility of investing, trading, and building a strong portfolio of investments to earn a profit on behalf of our investors. Owing to the established dynamics of the Oil industry, our focus is mainly on investing in the Oil industry shares on the world trading platforms or financial institutions. The profit-sharing is done on an hourly basis and a daily percentage of profit is shared with the investors. A separate scheme of referrals and commissions has also been set in place to boost the investor's stream of income by a fraction of their profits.


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