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Oct 16, 2018
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AdsClaimer | Similar site like Paidverts and PTCShare

I invested today $17 and i reched level 4 where i will earn $1.32 per day.
This is my deposit:

How to earn here:
==>You can invest and earn 154% , you will receive daily earnings at 18:00 server time in paid ads page;
==>Bring referrals to earn 15% when they invest, and 7% of each daily earnings they receive;
==>Click on Bonus ad points from bonus ad points page , and once you have at least 1600 BAP you will then start receiving daily earnings.

how to maximize your earnings ?
==>you can maximize you earnings by investing more;
==> you can maximize your earnings when you bring more referrals.

<<<Bonus Ad Points>>>
What is Bonus ad points (BAP) ?
Bonus ad points (BAP) is a credit that allow you to receive daily earnings.
==> for example : – when you have 0 BAP you will not receive daily earnings;
=> you will start receiving daily earnings when you have at least 1600 BAP;
=> when you have 1600 BAP you will receive $0.12 daily earnings;
=> for example when you have 51000 BAP you will get $1.32 daily earnings;
=> and for 200000 BAP you will get between $4.9 daily.
Conclusion : the more you have bonus ad points (BAP) the more you get daily earnings.


How you get paid:
==>Perfect Money;
How much is the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?
Minmum amount to withdraw is $5.

Please register here:

No ref link: https://adsclaimer.com
Thank you.



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